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About a month ago, my old Bamboo Touch tablet gave up the ghost. Today, I got its successor: A Wacom Intuitos Pen & Touch tablet. It's very pretty. And by "pretty" I mean it's both stylish and eminently usable. It has a light, ergonomic pen that will doubtlessly let me doodle for hours, and a compartment to store extra nibs, which, at the moment, is probably my favourite feature. I also like you can swap out pen holder ribbons on it -- a plus, given how quickly my old one got torn away. Too, I like the fact I can get a wireless kit for it (though I'd like it better if that came standard "on-board", so to speak). Not being bound by a wire would be awesome.

But, really, I have to say what I most enjoyed was the packaging. It was light, eco-friendly, molded papermash, instead of a lot of Styrofoam. Opening it up was like opening a present on Christmas morning... or my birthday (which was this month... so this is, appropriately, my birthday present). They obviously paid a lot of attention to the packaging design. Kudos for a job well done.

The software bundle includes ArtRage Studio and Autodesk Sketchbook. Now, I've been playing with the mobile version of the latter on my old, cracked Google tablet, and I really enjoy it. So, I'm looking forward to see what I can do with the desktop version, now I have a real pen tablet (with pressure sensitivity!) to work with. 

I'm undecided about ArtRage. I tried it out a little, tonight. It has neat brush controls, but I'm still learning the interface. I wasn't really impressed with its pixel display or its excuse for a pencil brush -- though I concede its paint brushes are fairly interesting. At the moment, however, it feels more like a child's painting station in a kindergarten classroom than a robust art program, but I expect that impression to change as I get further into it. At least, I sure hope so.

Regardless, I'm quite excited by the new toy. Perhaps, it will lead to an increase in output and uploads... you never know.
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Sketch 150518 by kendrin
Sketch 150518
Sea Serpent. Done in Autodesk Sketchbook on an old, cracked Google tablet. No stylus. Just fingertips. :)
Finger-Painted Face by kendrin
Finger-Painted Face
This was my first sketch attempt with Autodesk Sketchbook on my tablet. The tablet is very old and has a cracked screen, so styluses don't work well on it. Thus, I had to use my fingertips to direct the brushes. It was actually fun, though.
The Cat Man -- Finished Colour by kendrin
The Cat Man -- Finished Colour
Is done! Coloured and finished.

This is the colourized version of the greyscale Cat Man image I posted earlier. I'm very pleased. Sure, there are plenty of small flaws, but... over all? Is good.

As I mentioned before, Vorpal is a character on a text-based RPG called HeroMUX. He was created by a fellow over on Tumblr at So, I don't own the character. I just liked his images of him and decided to use him for painting practice.

But, as I said, Maus likes what I did. So, we're all good.

Edit 2014-10-8: Vorpal went and got himself a dA account. You can see his stuff at: VorpalMUX :iconvorpalmux:

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